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Kurt Haskell article

 Kurt Haskell is a retired lawyer who lives in Costa Rica. He and his wife were "on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on December 25, 2009, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the "underwear bomber") apparently tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear" (WikiSpooks). "He has carried out his own investigation into the incident and believes it was a false flag designed to promote the 'war on terror', which was failing to capture the public imagination after 8 years without a terrorist incident in USA."

Why I Now Believe the New Zealand Event
Was a Complete Hoax With Zero Dead

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the New Zealand event. I’ve watched the video of the shooting many, many times and second by second in many spots. I’ve thought about why it’s being treated as a censorship and gun grab tool. I’ve wondered why the manifesto and its contents were put out there. I’ve thought about all of the ramifications of each detail. Now I’m going to explain why I think the entire event was nothing but a theatrical production where ABSOLUTELY NOBODY was killed or injured. It has taken me several days to finally draw this logical conclusion. Now I’m going to tell you exactly why. Feel free to agree or disagree.

I’m going to specifically reference different parts of the shooting video. Once again, here is the video for you to follow along: (Inoperative)

3:05 to 4:20 While driving to the Mosque Brenton Tarrant inexplicably pulls off to the side of the road and waits. He’s not doing anything in the car here. You can see his right hand on the steering wheel for most of the time. As a person in red gets within view of his car, Tarrant makes a quick signal to the person with his right hand. This is a, “I’m your guy and I see you” signal. Just as the person in red walks past Tarrant’s car, Tarrant continues driving to the Mosque. The person in red is making sure Tarrant is there and giving Tarrant the signal to start the event. We’ve seen this sort of thing before. Remember the Ft. Lauderdale airport event from 2017? Well, in that event there which took place in January, there was a man dressed in all green with a white beard that looked like Santa Claus. As each person ran up to this man, they took a left. He was the signal to run left.

4:57 to 5:05 While continuing the drive to the mosque, Tarrant is again looking for someone dressed in red as an indicator of where to turn. However, the street is lined with cars obstructing his view. As Tarrant is almost past the turn into the mosque, he sees the second person dressed in red. Tarrant slams on the brakes and makes a quick left turn. However, because he saw the second man in red so late, he partially drove past the turn. Tarrant then had to reverse his car backward before continuing into the mosque because he saw the man so late and partially missed the turn.

5:50 to 6:00 Tarrant gets a bit confused looking for where he is supposed to park. He knows it’s at the end of an alley facing onto a main road with a red car parked directly across the street. It takes him a few seconds to locate the red car but he manages just fine.

6:20 to 6:26 Tarrant gets out of his car with a large rifle. He turns right and begins walking on a sidewalk to the mosque. Two people are directly in front of him next to a red car and look right at him. Neither person is alarmed or afraid that Tarrant is carrying a gun. We can rule out the possibility that Tarrant wasn’t carrying the gun here as you can see the gun barrel in several frames. Thus, the lack of reaction by these two people tell me they are in on the event. When Tarrant reaches the two people by the red car, he takes a right into the mosque courtyard. Note that we have now had FOUR red markers.

6:35 to 6:42 Tarrant starts firing inside the mosque courtyard. Note the casing from his eighth shot hits one wall and ricochets into another wall. This tells us these casings are likely not digitally added but are real casings. Two men can be seen standing in the doorway when Tarrant begins firing. One falls in the doorway and the other crawls inside. The scene inside the doorway isn’t clear. I think there may have been an edit here where Tarrant fired a real gun in one video and the scene was combined with the men standing in the doorway falling. I’m not sure but something strange is going on here.

6:44 Note that there are no visible wounds on the man laying in the doorway.

6:47 A woman’s voice screams out in agony but no women have yet been shot. An audio soundtrack has been edited into this video. Thus, it’s not a live video.

6:50 Note that there is a man with a gray shirt laying in the doorway to the right. In addition, note that the door is fully open and the man’s right arm is approximately one foot from the door. He appears dead. Further note that people are fleeing this room out the back door.

6:52 to 6:53 As Tarrant walks down the hall, a magazine for his gun can be seen on the floor to the left. Tarant will pick up this magazine from this exact location at 8:32. This is the exact staging area where Tarrant later reloads. Thus, it appears this scene had multiple takes with a magazine being mistakenly left from a prior scene.

6:52 to 6:53 During this same time period, a man in blue runs across the doorway at the end of the hall and appears to be shot by Tarrant. PLEASE NOTE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKERY TAKING PLACE HERE! You just saw that this is a real person in blue. Later you’ll see him get shot in the head. What you can’t wrap your mind around, however, is that between these two scenes, the man is blue is switched out for a mass casualty dummy with a blood pack. Tarrant is shooting something here but most likely blanks or some kind of special effects gun so that nobody gets injured.

6:57 Tarrant reaches the end of the hall and is now firing into the large room. He fires straight ahead and left, but only up to a 45 degree angle. He shots won’t be able to hit anyone farther left than 45 degrees because he didn’t turn far enough left.

6:57 to 6:58 Tarrant turns to fire right. Although Tarrant has been firing his weapon for 23 seconds now, including several shots within this room, nobody on the right side of the room has reacted or taken cover. Tarrant quickly realizes that it looks fake that nobody on the right is reacting so he quickly turns back to the left side of the room.

6:59 As Tarrant turns for a split second back to the left side of the room, we notice a couple of things. First, a man in a gray shirt and jeans is laying on the ground with his head under some kind of furniture. This man didn’t appear in the video as Tarrant entered this room shooting. Further, where this man is laying is not even close to the 45 degree angle that Tarrant turned into as he fired. We never see the man in the gray shirt move and it’s impossible that he was shot as Tarrant entered the room. Thus, he is most likely a mass casualty dummy. Also note that there is a pile of what appear to be people in the corner that aren’t moving. We have to ask why aren’t they moving as they would not have been in the 45 degree angle range that Tarrant fired into. Thus, as the gray shirt man and the pile of people were supposed to have already been shot, we must realize what happened here. Tarrant made a minor mistake as he entered the room. As he turned left and fired into this room, Tarrant was supposed to turn his gun a full 90 degrees to the left while firing. Tarrant messed up here.

7:00 to 7:02 Now that our actors know Tarrant is in the room, he quickly turns back to them to catch them on video diving to the floor. This is to show us that they’re real people, at least for now.

7:02 to 7:08 A man in khaki pants tries to run by Tarrant but Tarrant apparently kills him and the man falls to the floor. Note that he also has no visible injuries. The man can be seen as Tarrant walks back down the hall. The man is lying in a position with his left leg much more forward than his right leg.

7:19 to 7:30 As Tarrant reenters the large room and continues shooting, the only movement is from two people jumping out of the left side of the room. Nobody is screaming, rolling around in pain, helping others, etc.

7:33 As Tarrant passes the dead man in the hallway in the khaki pants that we saw at 7:02 to 7:08 we can see that the man in khaki pants has moved his right leg so it’s directly above his left leg. This is either a new take of this scene or he is making himself more comfortable as the rest of the scene plays out.

7:36 to 7:50 Tarrant again enters the large room and continues shooting. The few actors that were initially in this room have now left. All that remains are mass casualty dummies. Screams from some of the wounded can be heard somewhere. However, it’s impossible to determine from where the screams are coming from and none of the injured move whatsoever. If Tarrant heard such screams he likely would have approached the injured to finished them off, like he later does with the girl outside. Thus, I again suspect we are hearing an audio recording edited into this video.

8:00 This time Tarrant reloads in the large room. It’s the first time he hasn’t reloaded in the hallway. This is a clear sign to us that all of the crisis actors are out of this room. Now, Tarrant will use real bullets. I suspect that when Tarrant inexplicably reloaded in the hallway that it was cover to make edits to the video and to allow the movement in and out of the large room of crisis actors and mass casualty dummies.

8:16 to 8:26 Now that Tarrant has reloaded and is using real bullets, he approaches the “victims” and fires at close range. Now we can see the bullets entering the victims. Although, look close, these are all mass casualty dummies. Remember, mass casualty dummies have been used in at least these events: 1) LAX shooting, 2)Orlando Pulse shooting and 3) Las Vegas concert shooting. This would not be a new trick.

8:32 Tarrant picks up a magazine for his gun from the floor in the hallway. This is the magazine that was already there before Tarrant entered the building that we saw at 6:52 to 6:53. It was mistakenly left there from a prior scene.

8:38 Our man in khaki pants is now fully stretched out and getting comfortable. If he was still alive, Tarrant would have killed him.The man in khaki pants in not good at repeating his exact position from scene to scene.

8:42 The gray shirted man in the doorway from 6:50 has now been dead for 1:52. Although his body is in the exact same position and nearly the same location, we can see that somebody moved the door so that it is now up against his body. Everybody from this room ran away from this doorway. Thus, it’s unlikely that somebody ran through this doorway AND moved this door when it was already fully open. Most likely, this was some sort of minor mistake made between scenes.

8:44 As Tarrant leaves the mosque, there are now two bodies laying in the doorway. One is one of the men who has been there from the start. It is unclear where the other man came from as none were seen running out this door. The new body is laying in a pool of blood but curiously, the man who has been there for over two minutes shows no loss of blood. The man who has been there the longest now has his left hand, that was well above his head 6:44, well planted in between the new man’s genital area. How does that happen exactly?

8:56 to 9:05 This is the first time that Tarrant shoots outside of the mosque courtyard. Note that the casings from his gun look like they disappear in mid air.

9:08 to 9:09 Tarrant fires three more shots and these shots DEFINITELY DISAPPEAR IN MID AIR. If the shots at 8:56 to 9:05 didn’t convince you, these definitely should. This is concrete proof that this video wasn’t a live feed and has been edited. I think the producers didn’t want this drill to take place with witnesses reporting a live shooting out on the streets and somebody possibly killing actor Tarrant “to stop him”. Thus, all shots fired outside of the controlled courtyard were digitally edited in later on.

10:00 to 10:23 Tarrant is on the street firing his new weapon that he just got out of his car. We don’t see the casings land on the ground as they are out of view. As the prior shots on the street were digitally altered at 8:56 to 9:05 and 9:08 to 9:09, we can safely say that Tarrant isn’t shooting here either. This is an attempt to reinforce to the skeptical viewers that Tarrant is really shooting and is shooting with real bullets.

10:33 The new man in the doorway is laying in a large pool of blood. How did this man cross the white rug next to him without spilling even one drop of blood on it?

10:49 Tarrant has now entered the large room and is firing again. What appears to be the top half of a man can be seen in front of the window to the right. Tarrant fires at it and appears to hit it. Notice the unnatural movement of this half of a person. This is some sort of mechanical dummy placed among a room full of mass casualty dummies to make viewers think there are real people in this room. Thus, it’s likely that Tarrant is using real ammunition at this point. No other human movement can be seen at this time.

10:54 Tarrant approaches the “victims” on the right side of the room and begins firing at close range. None of the victims appear to be alive. None are groaning or making any movements at all. They do move when they are hit with bullets. Yet, it is difficult to make out most of their faces and bodies. It is a high probability that these are all mass casualty dummies. To the far right in this scene are two “dead” people on a piece of furniture. These two would not be able to hold such position if they had been killed as they would lose muscle control and fall over.

11:16 and 11:18 Gray shirt man who we first saw at 6:59 , and who has been “dead” from the start despite not getting hit by any bullets, has now moved two feet to the right for this scene from his location at 6:59. Oops. He still is playing dead. Since he is in this room as live ammunition is being used, it’s likely that he is simply a misplaced mass casualty dummy.

11:19 Tarrant shoots blue shirt man in the head and blood splatters. This is the most convincing scene for believing this shooting is real. Yet, I will soon tell you why it’s not. Remember, we haven’t seen this man move at all since 6:53 and he likely has been replace with a mass casualty dummy at some point when Tarrant left the room. Just because he was a real person in one scene doesn’t make him a real person in another scene. What is likely going on here is Tarrant shot and hit a blood squib that was planted on the mass casualty dummy. Yes, we have seen blood squibs on numerous occasions in these events. If you don’t believe me, go watch “The Boston Unbombing” about the fake Boston Marathon Bombing.

11:21 Tarrant shoots a mass casualty dummy propped up against a wall in a corner.

11:26 to 11:33 Tarrant shoots a pile of mass casualty dummies in the left corner of the room. Again, none of them show any signs that they are real people and not dummies. Zero people so far have had any visible injuries at all.

11:46 to 11:48 There is some impressive trickery that starts here. Tarrant shoots at two girls as they exit the courtyard through a door on a fence.

11:51 to 11:53 Tarrant shoots at one of the girls who is outside of the courtyard. The other seems to inexplicably disappeared. Remember, as we’ve seen earlier, all shots outside of the courtyard so far have been fake.The reason is to not alarm people outside of the controlled environment of the courtyard where this hoax is taking place. Also, it would be a disaster if somebody not in on the fake event tried to intervene and kill actor Tarrant. Like earlier, we don’t see these casings fall anywhere as they are “out of camera range”.

11:59 The “girl” that has been shot makes a robotic movement into the street. This is some kind of mechanical dummy. Note, we hear “Help me” in a Muslim voice. Come on now. This audio has been dubbed in. Note the placement of the girl/mechanical dummy in front of the red car parked across the street where Tarrant parked his card using the same marker. Note we never see the girl’s/mechanical dummy’s face. Three suv’s two white that appear to be the same and one black, run interference on the street to block traffic even though no cars are stopped in front of them. The two white suv’s make it difficult to match up this scene for video fakery if multiple takes were needed as there would be two of the same reference points (white suv).

12:07 Tarrant approaches and shoots the girl/mechanical dummy in the upper torso. However, the blood squib malfunctions this time! Instead of exploding like it did with the blue shirted man at 11:19, the squib not only doesn’t explode but it moves to where it is clearly visible at the girl’s right elbow (red square). BIG OOPS! Next, Tarrant shoots the girl/mechanical dummy in the head. The expected result is blood splatter from the head like we saw from the blue shirted man at 11:19. This time, however, the blood squib does detonate but detonates in the wrong location under the girl/mechanical dummy. Note that there was also some kind of device used to fling a piece of hair off of the mechanical dummy. I was originally fooled by this scene until I watched it several times.

The fact that this event is a hoax doesn’t change much at all from it being a false flag. I understand that many will find this harder to believe but I just look at what the available evidence is. Frankly, I’m surprised I missed some of these things initially. Anyway, it all makes perfect sense now. It’s obvious why the New Zealand government doesn’t want this video in the public domain because it doesn’t add up to careful scrutiny.

One other thing I wanted to add is the little detail about this playing “live” on Facebook. This is a little trick the producers use so that most can’t comprehend that it could be a prerecorded performance. How could they edit the video if it was prerecorded? Well, this is the exact trick that was used in the Charlottesville event that I conclusively proved was a hoax. “Eyewitness” Marissa Blair recorded the Charlottesville event live on a Facebook live stream. The only problem is that I conclusively proved her video to be a prerecorded fake. Thus, like the colors/marker trick stated above, the use of mass casualty dummies, etc. the use of facebook live stream to prove a prerecorded video is live is also a little trick that’s used. Of course, this fully implicates Facebook itself in the corruption too.

Source of the above transcript: jewworldorder

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