Imam unhurt by shot in heart
Note the vessel of "blood" in his hand. See the picture of a blood squib on Page 5. View the video.

Mohamed Jama
Former local Muslim Association president Mohamed Jama, star witness of events at Al Noor Mosque.

Ammunition magazine already on the floor
The gunman picks up the magazine and clips it on after "shooting up" the prayer hall.

Pre-killed people already in place
This is the real reason why the Government doesn't want you to watch the "live-stream".

Evidence of CGI
Jama — who would have been shot, not ignored, in a real attack — is now nowhere to be seen.

Latex allergy case
Not one of the "casualties" rushed to the local hospital showed any sign of injury.  Forum

Adeeb Sami laughing
You said it, buddy. It's all drama — theater for the masses, and an opportunity for national catharsis.

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