Real shooting victim and fake shooting victim

Minbar showing no peephole
Imam Gamal Fouda (inset) claims he observed Tarrant's rampage through
"a hole in the wood" while crouching in the minbar. Stuff's version of events
is that he "ducked behind the minbar". But this is implausible in view of (a)
The closeness of the minbar to the wall behind it, and (b) The fact that such
a move would have involved descending the steps of the minbar and then
scampering around to the rear of it – no simple, straightforward action as in
"ducking". Also amazing is how much Fouda claims he was able to observe
during the "rampage" without a periscope fitted with a wide-angle lens.

Minbar sans imam
How many lies have to be told before the official narrative of March 15, 2019,
is seen for what it is: a montrous deception staged for political purposes?

Verdict: Hoax

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